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This is the New Ravn…and Our New Blog!

With the new year come new goals, new routes, and a renewed commitment to serving our fellow Alaskans.

For the better part of a century, aviation has played an essential role in Alaska, connecting people, cargo and mail to our many communities despite some of the most challenging weather and terrain in the world. The airlines that came together to make Ravn are a big part of that proud past and today we are the state’s largest regional airline, offering daily passenger and cargo services to over 115 communities. With a shared history almost as old as the state, Ravn is proud to be Alaska’s hometown airline.

One Ravn, One Alaska

Our pledge is to be your #1 Alaska airline of choice, and to support and connect you by providing safe, reliable, competitive service, from Alaskans for Alaskans. An old company under new leadership and direction, it’s time to build on Ravn’s proud past and create an even greater future.

As a single airline with a single name, we are a company united in taking our airline to the next level of safety, operational excellence, customer satisfaction and team pride. It is with these pillars in mind that we make each decision, from planning to recruiting and training:

  • Safety: That safety is first on the list is no coincidence. It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure that conditions are safe to fly, and on this we won’t compromise, ever. The entire team follows rigorous procedures before and during flight, with pilots and crews continuously checking one another and measuring our performance.
  • Operational excellence: Operational excellence has two pieces: a state-of-the-art fleet, and the pilots who fly it. The senior management team bring over 238 years of combined aviation knowledge in the state of Alaska, and majority owner J.F. Lehman & Company’s experience in defense, aerospace, and maritime industries gives us an expansive wealth of resources to draw from as we match talent with tech on the runway.
  • Customer satisfaction: The importance of customer satisfaction should go without saying, but airlines too often fail to adapt to their customers’ needs. We consider Alaskans our neighbors, and the state our community, so when our passengers speak, we listen. Whether we’re transporting a local basketball team or making a medical visit a little easier, Ravn strives to provide the highest quality of customer service in rural Alaska and beyond.  
  • Employee Pride: Empowering our employees to take pride in the industry and their roles with Ravn is another top priority for us, even as we evolve. Our people have decades of experience in aviation, and we are also committed to recruiting and promoting Alaskans into and within Ravn’s team of talented professionals.

Gliding Forward

This is the beginning of a new chapter in Ravn’s history, and the first post on a new blog that we’ll use to tell Alaska’s story along the way. Here, we’ll write about what’s important to our communities, including local events, natural phenomena, aviation news and more—information we hope will also serve as a resource for curious travelers seeking to visit the far reaches of our incredible state.

From Alaskans to Alaskans, we hope you’ll stay tuned as we tell our story and yours, on the web and on the wings.